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Mark from Jessops

Mark's Screenshot! Mark's Screenshot!

This week we welcome Mark from Jessops in Bury St Edmunds, him and his team have been absolute superstars and are responsible for all the amazing photography you'll be seeing over the next few weeks!

1. What is your first LEGO memory?

My first lego memory was getting a big box of lego for Christmas it was a big red tub shaped like a lego block and full of lots of colourful bricks, I was so excited.

2. What’s your proudest LEGO build moment?

My proudest Lego build moment was when I completed a motorbike set. I was about 8, it took me about a week to build.

3. If you could design a new LEGO figure, who would it be and why?

I love the 1980's. So I would design a Lion-o figure from Thundercats. He was my favourite character when I was young and brings back lots of memories.

4. What is the best part of your job since being involved in this project?

The best part of my job since being involved in the Lego project is getting my whole team involved in the store and trying new photographic styles I would never of tried before. Also it means at 33 I get to play with lego again!

5. Describe in 3 words, what this LEGO project means to you!

Community, Fun, History

6. Why should visitors make this LEGO pilgrimage?

Visitors should make the Lego pilgrimage because they will be able to become a part of history and have fun at the same time.

7. On a scale of 1/10 (10 highest)... just how excited are you about the LEGO launch?

Very excited 10/10

Quick fire round:
LEGO architecture or figures?

Figures definitely

LEGO technics or old skool?

Old skool

Millennium Falcon or Lego Movie set?

Goes without saying, Millennium Falcon

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