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Mark's Screenshot! Mark's Screenshot!

1. What is your first LEGO memory?
As a very young child making my own very imaginative futuristic windmill. I made this out of what was meant to be a Space ship set that my parents proudly gave me for my birthday, they were not happy. That’s what I loved about Lego you did not have to follow the plans if you wanted to be creative or have other ideas!

2. What’s your proudest LEGO build moment?
Actually getting my big sister involved as she was always complaining about my huge Lego collection taking up all the floor space in the house and standing on the stray bricks in her bare feet! But she gradually came over to the dark side and started to be creative which is not in her makeup. My sister secretly loved it, but only ever made houses and never over three bricks in height, short attention span!

3. If you could design a new LEGO figure, who would it be and why?

My Mum because she is my world!

4. What is the best part of your job since being involved in this project?
A chance to work with different colleagues internally but with fantastic external partners too. I love projects like this that have creativity at its heart and the fact that it’s an inclusive project giving the chance for all to be involved, build excitement and have fun doing the work we love.

5. Describe in 3 words, what this LEGO project means to you!


6. Why should visitors make this LEGO pilgrimage?

To find out something different about the Cathedral and its work, to celebrate our shared history and bring that to life in a fun and imaginative way. Help raise funds to celebrate and support youth engagement in Suffolk.

7. On a scale of 1/10 (10 highest)... just how excited are you about the LEGO launch?

Has to be 10/10!

Quick fire round:
LEGO architecture or figures?


LEGO technics or old skool?

Old skool

Millennium Falcon or Lego Movie set?

Millennium Falcon but I would probably end up making a futuristic windmill!

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