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Tony Kimber, Administrator and Director of Commerce

Tony Kimber with Lego Tony Kimber with Lego

1. What is your first LEGO memory?
Well, my first LEGO memory is really going to date me!! I remember trying to make a gun so that i could pretend to be Hutch from the original Starsky and Hutch TV series!

2. What is your proudest LEGO moment?
Proudest LEGO moment is making making a replica of the Space1999 spaceships that didn't fall apart when I tried to whizz it around my bedroom.

3. If you could design a new LEGO figure, who would it be and why?
New LEGO figure would be Billy Vunipola, an iconic England number 8, and it would have to be massive to be in scale with everything else. Not sure if they do sports people yet, but this could be a whole new line of super LEGO.

4. What is the best part of your job since being involved in this project?
Seeing how child like all these so called 'grown up', responsible business leaders are, even PR gurus like Aime and Matt from our agency Montage Communications, go all gooey when they start talking about LEGO. It's just brilliant seeing the children in people, life would be so much better if we all stopped worrying about the silly things and concentrated on important things like - do they do ginger hair and a dog collar for LEGO figures coz' we've got to get a model of our Canon Pastor in the model somehow!!

5. Describe in 3 words, what this LEGO project means to you!

6. Why should visitors make this LEGO pilgrimage?
Visitors should come coz' it will probably make them smile, and we all need to smile more!

7. On a scale of 1/10 (10 highest)... just how excited are you about the LEGO launch?
On a scale of 1 to 10 I am at about 20 right now, but that's balanced by about 25 of panic whilst I'm trying to hold it all together in my head. I want to try to know everything and actually I don't need to coz' I've got a truly brilliant team around me who will make it happen.

Quick fire round:
LEGO architecture or figures?

LEGO technics or old skool?

Millennium Falcon or Lego Movie set?
Millennium Falcon

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